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Easy Scale Sequence: Pentatonic Part 2


In last week’s lesson, I introduced how to play a pentatonic scale in thirds and required you to use triplets. This time, I want to explore how to play that same scale pattern using 16th notes with a more elaborate sequence. Don’t worry, once you get the note order down, it is easy to play.

Two beats, more fun!

Let’s look at the first two beats of the exercise to identify the sequence pattern. On beat one, I play notes A, C, D, and E in order. I then go back two notes, D and C, and then back up to the E note. Notice that the last two notes of the pattern are repeated and become the first two notes of the next sequence. This makes for a nice, smooth transition from one pattern to the next.

Remember, when creating your own sequence, there are no rules. Keep them simple, yet challenge yourself, and most of all have fun!


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