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Love Live Music? Then Don’t Forget About These



In August 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that approximately 5.2 million 6–19 year olds and 26 million 20–69 year olds suffered damage to their hearing. These statistics pertained specifically to those who experienced (more…)

Learning Guitar with Limited Time



Work, kids, spouse, not much time for anything else. As we get older, our personal hobbies get set aside for the more important things in life. Yet, in our hearts, we all yearn to get back to that creative kid that lives in us (more…)

Advance Your Guitar Playing with Just One Question



We’ve all been there. Same riffs, solos, and chord progressions played over and over again. The pizzazz they had when they were fresh and new to our ears and fingers faded a long time ago. Instead of moving forward, your playing now feels stagnant and boredom is quickly becoming the new, though unwanted, normal. Okay, let’s take a breath right here and pause for a minute as we slightly change our thought pattern. (more…)

The Secret Behind the Perfect Feel and Sound



Have you ever walked into a music store, pulled a guitar off the rack, and within seconds of playing it, said to yourself, “This is the guitar of my dreams! I’m not leaving here without it!” Without hesitation, you pass the exciting news on to the nearest salesperson and he immediately runs to the back to get you one that’s still in its box. Even better, you think to yourself, I’m getting my dream guitar that’s brand new AND untouched! (more…)