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Guitar Phrasing


If you find that your solos are stagnating, consider exploring guitar phrasing. As you already know, almost everything on guitar is based on chords or scales. However, with phrasing, your attack (the dynamics) of a musical piece can also have a big impact on your music. Instead of just (more…)

3 Easy Blues Riffs


This week, I’ve put together a few simple blues riffs for you—nothing fancy, just some ideas that you could easily add to a guitar solo. I encourage you to (more…)

Easy Scale Sequence: Pentatonic Part 2


In last week’s lesson, I introduced how to play a pentatonic scale in thirds and required you to use triplets. This time, I want to explore how to play (more…)

Easy Scale Sequence: Pentatonic


Scale sequencing is a great way to develop strong technical skills on guitar. Granted, you may not find them to be very musical, but the physical improvements you gain make the time spent learning this type of playing well worth the effort. These benefits (more…)

Better String Movement for Beginners



It can be difficult for a beginner to move from one string to the next when starting out on guitar. This is an issue I frequently see in private lessons with new students, and it’s what led me to create an exercise that (more…)