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3 Steps to Conquer Improvising



Blues, jazz, and rock guitarists can take both themselves and their listeners into exciting and surprisingly unexpected territories with just one element. It’s an element that (more…)

How to Read a Scale Graph



This week’s post is written especially for those of you who are new to playing guitar, or those who are considering taking up this great instrument and are looking for a little bit of direction. If you haven’t done so already, take a few minutes to check out and start our free 10-week beginner guitar course. In the meantime, in this post, we’ll cover (more…)

Easy Solo Guitar 2



Playing chords and melody together on guitar can be challenging for a beginner. As I mentioned previously in the Easy Solo Guitar post, you do not need to become an overly accomplished guitarist to enjoy this style of playing. With a few open chords and a simple melody, you have all the workings to (more…)

Songwriting Tip: Usable 7th Chord



New to songwriting? Wondering what to do with the diminished chord at the end of each key? There is a simple trick that not only brings back the extra harmony, but can easily add a different quality to your (more…)