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Prepping for the Studio



Recording music is a fun and enjoyable experience. It is also a lot of hard work (often accompanied by stress) trying to produce something you will be proud of. To keep the stress levels down and the excitement running high, consider what needs to be done before you hit the record button. Whether recording (more…)

The Music Stars Are Where?



Nowadays, our backyards are happening places, especially for those living in large communities. Okay, well, maybe not literally in our backyards; but, talented musicians (more…)

Guitar Lessons Are Free If You Just Do This



The following blog post is something I had written a while back and decided, at that particular time, not to release it. I felt that it could possibly discourage beginner guitarists and create the impression that they shouldn’t engage in or add to musical conversations. Not only is this farthest from the truth, but it is something (more…)

Mistakes Are Inevitable…and Invaluable!



Even professionals play wrong notes!

The other day I was helping a couple of young, advanced guitarists work through a jazz tune that they wanted to perform as a duo. After an initial warm-up, they began to play through the song. Several measures in, one of the players made a small mistake, stopped, and then started talking while (more…)