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Rhythm Lesson 1: Rhythm Builder



You’ve been playing guitar for a while and yet you feel that you’re not making much progress. You have people to jam with, but it never seems to go anywhere. Heck, half the time you’re rarely able to get through a song.

You run through a mental checklist of everything you (more…)

Create Your Own Exercises



Sometimes, the best way to learn guitar is to blaze your own trail. By creating your own guitar exercises, you are giving yourself permission to explore ideas that will develop your own personal style without (more…)

One-Octave Arpeggio: Lesson 4



Lesson 4 is an intense sounding arpeggio like the dominant 7th in Lesson 2. This tension is created by the A♭ note, which is a diminished 5th from the root. If you’re new to this type of sound, it may be unsettling to your ears at first.  A simple way to resolve this tension is to (more…)

One-Octave Arpeggio: Lesson 3


Guitar-Arpeggio-Lesson 3

Lesson 3 begins our study of minor arpeggios. Links for Lessons 1 and 2 are posted below if you wish to review them before continuing. As you go through the lesson, take notice of the difference between playing scales versus arpeggios. Scales are played (more…)