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One Octave Arpeggios: Lesson 2



Lesson 2 focuses on a one octave dominant 7 (Dom 7th) arpeggio. The Dom 7th, like the Major 7th arpeggio, has a base triad (the foundation of major and minor chords) of Root, Major 3rd, and Perfect 5th. The difference between (more…)

One-Octave Arpeggios: Lesson 1



Arpeggios are great exercises to use to build hand dexterity and strength. In addition to these physical benefits, they are fun and challenging to play, as well as (more…)

Soloing with Chords Part 2



Like Exercise 1 (Part 1), Exercise 2 takes the same idea of using small chords but, instead, works with the notes on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th strings (more…)

Soloing with Chords Part 1



Soloing and improvising with chords can intimidate even the most seasoned guitarists. It can be a frustrating experience because you’re technically playing two to three scales at the same time, which increases the risk of sounding as though you’re playing random chords rather (more…)