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Love Live Music? Then Don’t Forget About These



In August 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that approximately 5.2 million 6–19 year olds and 26 million 20–69 year olds suffered damage to their hearing. These statistics pertained specifically to those who experienced (more…)

Open String Rhythms



Open string riffs are common in all styles of rock music. This particular riff builds up strong technique without being overly challenging. By the time you have this exercise mastered, your right and left hands will be in sync like (more…)

Guitar studies got you down? Try these 3 motivational tricks!



Stay motivated and keep moving forward! In my experience, there have been (and still are) many occasions when this was easier said than done. To keep myself from stagnating in the disappointments and frustrations that are common when learning guitar, I experimented (more…)

Learning Guitar with Limited Time



Work, kids, spouse, not much time for anything else. As we get older, our personal hobbies get set aside for the more important things in life. Yet, in our hearts, we all yearn to get back to that creative kid that lives in us (more…)

Develop a Better Pick Hand



This lesson focuses on the pick hand and moving across strings. I find this to be a common problem not only with beginners, but with more advanced players as well. This particular (more…)