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The Pentatonic Highway



Traveling up the guitar neck doesn’t have to be hard. This week’s lesson takes the most common pentatonic box pattern and shows you the easy roadmap for moving up (more…)

Mixolydian Blues Guitar



This week’s lesson presents a different scale approach to the blues. This particular scale was made famous by B.B. King and is used by many others. (more…)

Advance Your Guitar Playing with Just One Question



We’ve all been there. Same riffs, solos, and chord progressions played over and over again. The pizzazz they had when they were fresh and new to our ears and fingers faded a long time ago. Instead of moving forward, your playing now feels stagnant and boredom is quickly becoming the new, though unwanted, normal. Okay, let’s take a breath right here and pause for a minute as we slightly change our thought pattern. (more…)