Below is a list of the resources we know you would enjoy, the first one being completely FREE! Keep in mind that we’re just starting out. While the list is brief, be sure to check back regularly as we’ll be adding products that reveal streamlined approaches and concepts to mastering this amazing instrument.


Master Scales on One String

Take your guitar playing up a notch! The Single String Secret, a 27-page e-book with concise, proven-to-work instruction and scale exercises will get you up and down the fretboard at absolute no cost! Yes, this guitar e-book is FREE! Learn More.



FREE 10-Week Beginner Guitar Course

Delve into the basics of playing guitar with actual materials and instruction that I use for private guitar lessons. Plus, download a FREE 23-page eBook to supplement the provided videos. There's absolutely no risk. So don't wait another second! Join the fun and start learning guitar today!! Start Now!



The Fretboard Solution

New to digital bookshelves, The Fretboard Solution is a reliable music education resource that consists of quick and easy, clear and concise instruction. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitarist who is looking to solo or improvise, or a guitar teacher who is working to update curriculum, anyone and everyone who aspires to master the fretboard will benefit exponentially. Learn More.

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Emotional Pitch®

Are we fooling ourselves? With all the knowledge about music on the internet, how can you not believe that everything you need isn't online? Year after year, you spend more and more money trying to find that special something. What is the thing that will take your playing to the next level? Maybe it's time to check out Emotional Pitch®!

Emotional Pitch® is a self-paced course that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. Sit back, relax, and start THINKING differently about music.