As you tackle Lesson 9, keep in mind the power of simplicity. You don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of focusing just on the hard exercises only to give up because you never seem to make any progress. Remind yourself why you picked up your guitar in the first place and reflect on the simplicity that lies within your reason. Sure, there are going to be lessons and exercises that may not be exciting; but, is there a strong possibility that they will help you to learn more advanced music you want to explore? If so, keep going! If not, reevaluate and change direction. It's really that simple!


00:11 Left hand
00:28 Right hand inside picking
00:46 Right hand outside picking


Chords and Rhythm:

In this week's lesson, you will learn how to play the Dm chord. As with the others presented in earlier weeks, Dm is a basic chord that's often taught during the beginning stages of guitar lessons. Take the time to make sure that your posture and finger placements are sturdy and proper as you work through Lesson 9. This extra attention to posture and fingering will be extremely beneficial down the road because they directly affect technique (and, therefore, technical skills like speed and finesse). Remember, aim for simplicity so mastery is achieved sooner rather than later!


00:12 Dm chord
00:46 Chord exercise