It’s now time to start playing across multiple strings. This exercise is like lesson 1, but expands over the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings. Pay close attention to the picking direction above the notes. The first part, 00:22, is referred to as inside picking because the pick stays inside of the strings. The second half, 00:34, is called outside picking because the pick remains on the outside of the strings when played. Increasing your level of comfort with both styles will make learning guitar much easier as you progress. This lesson is where you'll start to develop more technically advanced musical habits.


00:10 Left hand
00:22 Right hand inside picking
00:34 right hand outside picking


Chords and Rhythm:

Lesson 5 Chords and Rhythm reinforces the open chord skills that you have been developing over the past few weeks. Two things to be aware of as you work through these are 1) make sure that you let the dotted half note in the first two measures ring out for the full three beats and 2) try not to rush into the 4th beat.