Building on last week's instructional materials, Lesson 4 now works your fingers down the fretboard. As always, take your time and be patient with yourself. These simple, yet effective, exercises will not only lay the foundation that you'll need to take on the intermediate- and advanced-level techniques to come, but it will also help you to develop a greater awareness of the guitar neck. Playing guitar in just a small area of the instrument is one of the ruts many guitarists fall into. To prevent this habit from forming, let's continue our exploration of the many possibilities that exist with the guitar.


Chords and Rhythm:

Now it’s time to start mixing up the chords that you've learned over the past few weeks. Instead of the usual two chord changes per lesson, this week, I'll show you three. Be sure to pay close attention to the rhythm in the 3rd measure, as the 8th notes start on the 1st beat and not the 2nd. You may want to just work on the rhythm first before adding any chords.