I first want to say, sorry for the pinky shake. I think I had a wee too much coffee before filming this. As you may have already noticed, the frets get closer as you move up the fretboard because of intonation (this is how the guitar stays tuned as you move up the neck). If you’re just starting out, you might find it difficult to start on the 1st fret. Begin where it’s comfortable and then gradually start farther down the neck when your hand becomes more flexible.


Chords and Rhythm:

This exercise introduces the 8th note strum rhythm. If it becomes too difficult to switch chords, lightly mute the strings with your left hand and focus on the right hand strumming first. Add the chords when you feel that you do not have to place all of your concentration on the strumming.


00:09 how to make a G major chord
00:36 how to make an E minor chord
00:58 chord exercise