Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of the 10-week course. My goal and reason for focusing the lessons on both picking and chords was to get your guitar playing started in the right direction. Always remember that exercises, these included, are meant to develop your technical skills to make playing songs easier. Try not to get into the habit of practice, practice, practice and never learning songs you enjoy. It's important to challenge yourself and have fun, too!


00:11 Left hand
00:32 Right hand inside picking
00:46 Right hand outside picking


Chords and Rhythm:

As with the picking exercises, I want to congratulate you on finishing this beginner course. Everything you have learned over the last 10 weeks are common techniques used in many songs. It's now time to get out there and start applying what you’ve learned. Remember, have fun and enjoy the process!


00:12 Chord exercise