10-Week Beginner Guitar Course

Welcome! As you take the first steps on your guitar journey, keep in mind that a strong foundation is the key to branching out into unlimited music possibilities (yes, creativity is limitless!). When you're ready to begin, jump right in and click on the first lesson to get started!


Click any lesson below to start:


Lesson 1: This lesson focuses on simple left hand development and introduces the C major and A minor chords.

Lesson 2: This lesson will get you moving up the fretboard and introduces 8th note strumming, G major, and E minor chords.

Lesson 3: The picking exercise in Lesson 3 will get you playing backwards on guitar.

Lesson 4: Building on the idea of Lesson 3, Lesson 4 works your finger down the fretboard and I start mixing up the chords that you've learned over the previous lessons.

Lesson 5: This lesson will have you picking across multiple strings while reinforcing your open chord skills.

Lesson 6: This lesson continues the inside/outside picking technique of Lesson 5 while introducing E major and A major chords.

Lesson 7: This lesson will start mixing up your picking skills while introducing the D major chord.

Lesson 8: You've learned several chords and you're developing picking techniques. Put simply, wishing you could play guitar is now in the past because you ARE playing guitar!

Lesson 9: This lesson keeps you moving forward with a new picking exercise and introduces the D minor chord.

Lesson 10: As you begin Lesson 10, keep in mind that even though some things in music may seem easy, the benefits they bring to your technique may be unmeasurable.