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iStock_000015811695XSmall.jpgGuitar Smith Online® is an innovative music education company that initially started with offering online guitar lessons for people of all ages. We've now decided to set our focus on a single product that will change the way people approach music. This will not only benefit guitarists, but all types of musicians as well.

The creator of Guitar Smith Online® is working feverishly to put together an exciting system that he has been developing over the last 15 years. His students have found it to be the most effective method they've tried and we're excited to be making it available to you. Now you can use this groundbreaking learning system in the comfort of your own home!

Have you ever had any of these questions pop in your head?

  • Have you been playing a musical instrument for years but still don't understand how certain chords and scales work?
  • Does music seem like a big mystery that you might never understand?
  • Do you get nervous when you might have to improvise a solo?
  • Have you taken private lessons or music classes in attempts to gain a better understanding of music theory only to leave more confused?
  • Does writing music seem to be done by people who are more qualified than you?

If you've answered "YES!" to any of the above questions, then be prepared for an AMAZING Guitar Smith Online® product! Years of feedback have been received and ongoing successes have been achieved by the owner's private guitar students. Trust us when we say, "The anticipation will be worth the wait!!!"

Product Update (12/1/14): Contracts have been signed and orders have been placed to stock our inventory! It's time to break metaphorical ground. Like everyone around me, I am excited to get things going and show you what we have in store for you. That being said, things are taking a little longer than expected because of the care that is being given to make sure that this will be a good experience for you all—the key focus right now is on the redesigning of our website. As I'm writing this, I’m thinking that maybe it will be a good idea to start giving hints as to what we have coming up. I'll see what the team thinks. As always, thank you for your patience and I hope to have something more revealing soon.

Product Update (10/27/14): I hope you are all ready for the next big idea in music! Our much anticipated educational music project is ready to be unveiled. I, Adam, want to personally say, "Thank you for your patience." A lot of hard work went into putting ten years of musical concepts into an easy to follow course. Thankfully, I had help from numerous people who believe in what I'm doing and know that this will benefit you as it has them. Keep checking back for updates as we gear up for the big day when we release this incredible, one-of-a-kind product to you!  

Product Update (9/26/14): As promised, the time for more exciting news has arrived! The testing phase is officially complete and the product will be submitted for copyright processing in the next day or two. In addition, our product's trademark is now federally registered through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our efforts over the past month have also been on shopping for a quality manufacturer and distributor who'll be able to provide the exceptional final touches we hope to place on this unique product. Check back next month for another update as we inch closer to the actual release date!

Product Update (8/26/14): We are wrapping up the testing phase and will soon be addressing the legal aspects of product development. As always, thank you for your patience and I hope to have more exciting news soon!

Product Update (6/23/14): As of this moment, the new product is being rigorously tested to make sure that the materials are explained in an easy, concise manner. We are a huge step closer to having a final draft of the product and are just a few steps away from getting it into your hands! As always, we at Guitar Smith Online® thank you for your patience!

Product Update (5/24/14): We're making great headway with the development of our new music course. While converting in-person, verbal lesson materials into a product has many challenges—including taking more time to complete than initially anticipated—we are extremely pleased and excited about the 80% that is complete. We are confident that our finished product will be one that all musicians of all levels can learn from. Thank you for hanging in there with us. We appreciate your patience!

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“I have been trying to learn to read music for years. I have bought books and even taken college courses to learn how to read. In just a few short lessons, I am on my way to reading and learning where the notes are on the fretboard.”

Larry Ryan, Student