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I'm in the midst of preparing for the release of my new music education product. I've been developing this concept for almost 2 decades and have dug in over the past year to get everything down on paper so I can share this revolutionary method with not just my private guitar students, but all types of musicians—both near and far—who may be in search of what this product offers.

So here's the inside scoop, which by the way, is only being shared with direct visitors and fans of Guitar Smith Online® at this point in time.

My new product is called Emotional Pitch®: Unraveling the Art of Music Theory. It is a 190-page music course and includes an audio CD that accompanies the instructional material. It also provides you with several backing tracks to experiment with.

Trust me when I say, "This is not your typical music theory book." With Emotional Pitch®, the creative musician in you will be able to shine, to do what you've always wanted to do—what you've always believed you could do—if you just had the right tools. My method has been tested on many of my private students of all ages and musicianship levels, some of whom also play other instruments, and I'm ecstatic to be able to say, "It's proven to work!" 

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Adam Baxley

“I have been trying to learn to read music for years. I have bought books and even taken college courses to learn how to read. In just a few short lessons, I am on my way to reading and learning where the notes are on the fretboard.”

Larry Ryan, Student